Workshop #2: Assessment Centre

The Workshop:

The second workshop held after the careers café involved the module group being divided into teams of at least 5. Each person took on a role of either an interviewee or a board member eg. chair, scribe, human resources.

The interviewee was then interviewed for 5 minutes using 4 provided questions and any additional questions the board could think of. Then in the proceeding 5 minutes the interviewee left the room whilst the board discussed their performance and gave them scores on feedback forms, and relayed their opinions to the interviewee after they returned.

The interview process followed an informal format, with each person taking a different role each turn [Source: Imgflip]
The primary feedback given to me was that although I am very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about my subjects, and answer questions fully, I need to slow my speech and not go into such great detail.

The majority of the individuals in my group scored 88% on their feedback forms (including myself).

A video giving advice on how to succeed in interviews

After the interview section, the group conducted the psychometric section of the assessment centre, and participants each conducted a Belbin Self Perception Test to determine their role within a team out of a possibility of nine: Company Worker, Chair, Shaper, Resource Investigator, Monitor/ Evaluator, Plant, Team Worker, Completer/ Finisher.

I personally scored highest as a Plant (‘ideas person’), but also had high scores across the board with Company Worker, Resource Investigator, Chair and Monitor/ Evaluator.

After this exercise the session came to a close.

A typical scoring key for a Belbin Self-Perception Test [Source: SlideShare]
SMy Opinions:

Personally, I had not been looking forward to this session for a long while, as the pressure of interviews has a tendency to make me extremely nervous, but the relatively informal session with little real-world implications, and performing the interviews alongside others who were in the situation helped diminish the apprehension.

I was surprised at how fully I managed to answer the questions with little to no hesitation, and to answer them to the full extent in the short amount of time available.

I found this part of the assessment centre very helpful in reducing my fears about interviews and giving me more skills to utilise in preparation for them.

Typical traits for Belbin Self-Perception Index Categories [Source: Danny Hoskins Blog]
However, I have mixed feelings about the psychometric portion of the assessment centre.

Whilst the Belbin test is good for a general overview of how your personality fits into a team and thus your role in said team, it is largely dependent on how you feel at the moment you are taking the test. If a situation were to change, affecting your outlook, your answers and thus the apparent role in a team could change, causing issues if everybody had become settled into their roles.

Despite this, the role of Plant, being an ‘ideas person’ I one which I would label myself with the majority of the time.

How this affected my career choices:

I feel like I am more prepared for interviews, and won’t shy away as much from careers which involve heavy interviewing.

I feel like I am also more likely to follow career paths which put me in the Belbin category of being a plant, or ideas person.

However, this workshop has had no effect on the actual content of the careers I wish to pursuit.

Interview Tips – Prospects

Interview Tips –

Belbin Home Page

‘Team Roles Test’


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