Assignment #1: CV Writing Skills

The Assignment:

Following on from the interview skills workshop, Bio Enterprise students began the process of writing mock CVs and covering letters.

The bulk of the information on how to write a CV and covering letter came from a lecture presented by Dewi Jones of the Bangor Employability Award.

The lecture briefly went over each of the sections of CVs, including how to physically format/ layout the sections of a CV, the level and quantity of detailing sections, and how best to enhance your positive traits and suitability in relation to a prospective job.

General layout of a CV [Source: Bangor University]
Provided alongside the lecture where various resources with supplementary information going into greater detail about the various aspects of CVs.

The module group was instructed to base our CVs on real available jobs in the field of biology.

I chose to apply for the position of aquarist at Blackpool SeaLife, as it reflected my personal interests and expertise.

Position for which I applied for with my CV [Source: Merlin.Taleo]
My USP (unique selling point) of my CV was my customer services experience garnered from a variety of paid and voluntary jobs, such as catering staff and as a peer guide for the School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University.

I focussed on any previous experience which coincided with the requirements listed in the job listing, for example my keeping of fish for many years, and handling and study of marine organisms at university coinciding with the requirement to be a keen fish keeper, with a good knowledge of both marine and freshwater ecosystems.

The covering letter expanded of my employable characteristics not mentioned in the CV itself, and showed my enthusiasm for the job.

My CV and covering letter are available for viewing via the link at the bottom of the article.

My Opinions:

I had had little previous experience with writing CVs, having only written a personal statement for my UCAS application, and a basic background CV for my application for work experience in secondary school.

As such, this exercise provided me with insight into the writing of ‘real-world’ CVs, which I can utilise throughout the rest of my career.

How this affects my career choices:

I feel that now I am definitely more prepared to apply for a multitude of employment options, regardless of how relevant to my current career plans they may be.

While this process hasn’t affected my career choices themselves, it has emboldened me to pursue them, although I’m still not completely sure what they may be.

My CV and Covering Letter

BEA CV and Cover Sheet Resource

Prospects CV Resource

Prospects Cover Letter Resource


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