Hey all!

My name is Luke Fears, and I’m in my third year of my (hopefully) 4-year Marine Zoology (Biological, not Ocean Sciences) course at Bangor University.

Myself, Luke Fears

I have created this blog as part of my Bio Enterprise and Employability BSX-3141 module to analyse various scientific seminars and register how they have impacted my decisions on my career choices.

I will also make several blog posts on workshops and assignments required in the module.

My passion ┬ásince an early age (after seeing the film ‘Jaws’) has been marine life, hence my choice of course. As such I am thinking of pursuing a career in marine conservation, or lab work involving marine organisms.

brambellandecwforsbswebSchool of Biological Sciences (left) and Environmental Centre for Wales (right) on the Bangor University campus

My other career-related passions is reading and categorization, which also inclines me towards a career in libraries/ archiving.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find its posts enlightening.