Final Reflection: A Summary of the Bio Enterprise and Employability Module

As part of my Bio Enterprise and Employability module for my third year at Bangor University, I was required to create this blog and posts based on five seminars and five modular activities. This posts marks the final task of the module; looking back on the entire module and reflecting on how it has affected … Continue reading Final Reflection: A Summary of the Bio Enterprise and Employability Module


Assignment #2: Business Plan

The Assignment: Forming a business plan marked the final task of the Bio Enterprise and Employability module (available at the bottom of the page). This task drew on a series of lectures by Dr. Chris Walker and the previous Dragon's Den workshop. The format of the business plan was similar to that of the group … Continue reading Assignment #2: Business Plan

Workshop #3: Dragon’s Den

The Workshop: The final workshop of the Bio Enterprise and Employability module was the Dragon’s Den, held in Bangor’s new Pontio building, on the 6th of December, 2017. This session incorporated all of Dr. Chris Walker’s lectures concerning forming a business plan, and presenting it. The day-long workshop consisted of being placed into 9 groups … Continue reading Workshop #3: Dragon’s Den

Assignment #1: CV Writing Skills

The Assignment: Following on from the interview skills workshop, Bio Enterprise students began the process of writing mock CVs and covering letters. The bulk of the information on how to write a CV and covering letter came from a lecture presented by Dewi Jones of the Bangor Employability Award. The lecture briefly went over each … Continue reading Assignment #1: CV Writing Skills

Workshop #2: Assessment Centre

The Workshop: The second workshop held after the careers café involved the module group being divided into teams of at least 5. Each person took on a role of either an interviewee or a board member eg. chair, scribe, human resources. The interviewee was then interviewed for 5 minutes using 4 provided questions and any … Continue reading Workshop #2: Assessment Centre

Workshop #1: Careers Cafe

The Workshop: The format of the first Bio Enterprise and Employability workshop had 4 guests, Bangor graduates who had attained various jobs, sat at the front of the room full of students and spoke about their experiences in the workplace and how they attained their various employments. To begin, Bethan Jones who did gained her … Continue reading Workshop #1: Careers Cafe